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Windows Live OneCare, I use it on all my PC's. It works great, but it does have its flaws, for one the Defragmenter part of the Tune up process doesn't do the job it says, and at the moment has way to many annoying pop ups.

Though this is a Microsoft product and is just part of a long line of products dubbed Windows Live. Now OneCare does protect against Viruses and SpyWare, but some spy and adware manage to get in anyway. For that I use Spybot Search & Destroy, which I've used for years.

Other parts of OneCare are the Backup portion. Once the month OneCare will backup your files, or whenever you set it to. It runs a Tune Up on your PC once the month. In the Tune Up it runs a Defrag, scans for viruses and spyware, searches for files to backup (if backup is enabled) and checks to see if there are any updates for your PC via Microsoft Update, or Windows Update.

Overall it gets the job done, every year you will have to spend the fee of $50, $49.99 that is for you to keep your OneCare up to date. Mine has just expired and I will soon renew it in a few days. Do I like OneCare? Yes I do. YES I DO.

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