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Zune 30

I love the Zune 30, its my first real Mp3 player. It may not be an 100_1343iPod but the Zune is an excellent alternative to the iPod. This Zune was a gift from my mom for my birthday back in November. So I am very appreciative of it, 30 gigs is more than enough for me.

So far I have filled up only 4.66 GB's, leaving me 23.13 GB's free. That's 727 songs, 15 pics, and 20 videos. That's pretty good in my case.

100_1352I have many videos on the device including video Podcast. I even put iYule Log on the Zune, wonderful Mp4 video, check it out in my previous blog post. Now to get back to the subject at hand. The Zune 30 is last year's Zune, not the new Zunes. Starting with the Zune 4 & 8, and ending with the Zune 80, these numbers represent the space on the devices. So Zune 4 = 4 GB Zune. So I have the Zune 30 which = 30 GB Zune, I would still like to own an iPod, but for now I will wait till funds improve to purchase one myself.

Microsoft did well with this device, the moment I connected it to my PC I clicked update device and there was a firmware update ready to be installed. With that update, the device is able to sync up wirelessly to add music, videos, and more. However I do not recommend using the wireless sync to add podcast or video, that uses to much battery life.

Now for the device to connect wirelessly you have to be using a compatible security network, it connects to WEP, WPA, but will not work with WPA2 wireless security network. However the Zune 4 & 8, and Zune 80 do.

Well that's it, the device is awesome, and I love it.

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