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Windows XP SP3 December 2007 Update

Well yes there's still life in Windows Vistas predecessor Windows XP, and its the last that we'll ever see. SP3 for Windows XP is the last Service Pack for the aging OS. Like every service pack, SP3 will include all updates from SP2 to SP3 and include some minor updates of its own.

You have to remember Windows XP still is an excellent alternative to Windows Vista, its stable, and is more familiar. I know people that stayed with Windows ME and Windows 2000 Professional until Windows XP SP2 came out. I didn't make the jump to XP until 2002 after the release of XP SP2. Until then I had been using Windows 98 Second Edition, for one, ME sucked badly, and two, I couldn't run out and buy 2000 Pro.

But we've come along way, from the release of Windows XP in 2001 to the release of SP2 in 2002. Now after 5 years SP3 is about to be released, and I'm happy about this final Service Pack for this old friend.

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