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Windows Vista SP1 December 2007 Update

Well its almost the end of the year, and well, Service Pack 1 for Windows Vista is close. With the Service Pack already in Release Candidate (RC) form, its only a matter of time before its released in the first quarter of 2008.

Already Microsoft has released Service Pack 1 for Office 2007, and that made some improvement to the office system. Windows Vista SP1 is said to improve Vista's performance. However SP1 is not going to be like Service Pack 2 was for Windows XP. It was said that Windows XP SP2 should've been a completely new Windows, but they decided to just keep it Windows XP with SP2.

To get back to major point, don't expect an overall big change in Windows Vista when SP1 is released. A service pack is just a bunch of updates bundled together, with a few minor add-on's. For example Windows XP SP1 just bundled all the updates from the time of release to the Service Pack into one lump sum, and added some minor updates of its own. SP2 added all the updates from the time of SP1 to SP2 and made a major overhaul of the Windows Security Center. Major changes were made here, however SP1 for Windows Vista will not make major changes to Vista.

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