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LCD vs. Plasma

Some people like LCD and others like Plasma. Which do I like, well currently I like LCD, but that's only because I haven't paid much attention to Plasmas. For me LCD works great, and I like the quality.

LCD-Liquid Crystal Display is suitable for viewing HD content, and video games. I actually prefer LCD when gaming rather than plasma. My reasons for this are very obvious. I'm pretty sure that things look good on a plasma, but there are just a few things that need to be fixed before I use one.

Plasma-Well with Plasma you have to worry about images getting burned into the screen. I'd rather not take any chances with that happening, and just stick to the LCD screen. I have heard that games look allot better on the plasma, but some people have said to have gotten headaches and eye problems from looking at the screens. However I feel that's from the same problem that was with standard tube TV's, and that is that people are just sitting to close to there Televisions. Look I know your TV's are special and all but you don't need to sit so close to them that your right there on top of them.

I really cant say much, I like LCD and that is that, but here for you is a video that was posted by Chris Pirillo about the same subject and his opinion on the matter. I do have to agree with Chris on one thing, get what you can afford.

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