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Its Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Everywhere you look now it looks so jolly, well not everywhere, there's some places that don't change at all even for the Holiday Season. Well for me I love this time of year. Mostly because of the the meaning of the season. Its not about presents, or how much your bonus is. No. Its about giving, love, and family.

The main reason for the season is that Jesus Christ the savior of mankind was born into existence 2000 years ago. In that honor I feel he should be mentioned in this blog. For without him Christmas would not be here today.

Be sure to tell everyone you care about that you love them, make amends with enemies, and forgive and forget. As the year comes to an end, remember 2008 is a whole new year, therefore what ever happened in 2007 stays in 2007.

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. Lets enjoy the holiday season and put all the junk that happened to us this year to rest, many of us will enjoy this Christmas, but many of us will also have a miserable Christmas because we cant let go of our hate or anger.

I spend so much time in my technology that I don't have time to hate people or things, and I have many reasons to hate a lot of people but I don't, I love everyone. I forgive everyone of my enemies and never hold any grudges against them.

I do feel that society is changing and allowing evil and hate to gain a foundation, that innocence is no longer possible, the laws, the way of life doesn't protect anyone any more. People can lie and say things that aren't true and get another person in trouble for something they did not do, and no one will believe the accused because there minds have been warped and twisted.

So as years go on I will enjoy every Christmas there is until the day comes that it all comes to an end, when Christmas no longer pertains to the perfect lamb that came to save us from our sins.

Merry Christmas everyone.

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