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Games for Windows

Games for Windows is a new service for Windows, basically this is XboxLIVE on Windows. This service will launch with the edition of Halo2 for , but this is just one game of many coming to WindowsLIVE. Games that follow Halo2 are Shadowrun, and Uno. These again are the only games being mentioned on the website,(if you go to the site look under LIVE.) Of course there might be more that I don't know about. Apparently there is also a beta of Geometry Wars for Windows Vista, the idea is to bring the gamer community together as never before. To have Windows users and Xbox360 players interact with Games for Windows-LIVE.

Xbox360 + Windows Vista
Imagine being able to play a game on your Windows Vista PC and you notice one of your friends are on LIVE using there Xbox360, well you could send them a game invite(assuming they have that game for there Xbox360), or have a text chat with them. I actually like this unification of the Xbox360 and Windows, of course I don't have Windows Vista yet, and don't plan on having it for sometime.(something I explain another day.)

The LIVE service is just the Windows version of XboxLIVE. Also if you have an XboxLIVE GamerTag, you can use it for WindowsLIVE. So whether your membership is silver or gold you can use it WindowsLIVE. All your achievements, your gamerscore is right there on Games for WindowsLIVE.
As I stated Halo2 is the game to launch Games for WindowsLIVE. Others are soon to follow, two other games are expected to launch after Halo2:

  • Shadowrun in June
  • Uno in later 2007

That's all that's expected for now. This service was first introduced at CES(Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas back in January, at which Microsoft showed the Xbox360 controller working with a Windows Vista PC. Wow that's great. Now you can use your wireless Xbox360 controller with your Windows PC by purchasing the USB wireless device which sells at a retail value of $20.00. Not bad, I'm getting one, yes it even works with Windows XP. Well its great to see Xbox and Windows becoming a couple, and soon they will wed, the beginning of this is the Spring Update for the Xbox360, which will add Windows Messenger to the Xbox360, as well as a new blade on the dashboard for XboxLIVE Marketplace.

(I will give a brief statement on the Spring Update, but I might not since the update takes place next week.)

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