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iPhone A Bad Buy

Ok the iPhone has been out for a few days now and I still dont want one. The iPhone has so many flaws with it, and I think its sad that people have gone out and spent money on this thing and not even relize that Apple has pulled a fast one on them.
The flaws in the phone are the fact of its storage capability and its lack of support for some apps. Apple knows that the iPhone has flaws but has given the phone such icandy that the average consumer wont notice or even possibly not even care.

Top 10 Reasons I Dont Want an iPhone:
1. Its not worth standing in line for.
2. Theres no way to communicate with AOL, Yahoo, or MSN IM clients.
3. Do I really want to make Steve Jobs richer than he already is? NO!
4. The text input makes it easy to make typos.
5. Theres no voice control at all, so much for hands free.
6. Ok this one is really dumb, no custom ringtones, oh come on Apple!
7. Way to much money for a cell phone.
8. Looks easy to break.
9. I dont like the service plan AT&T offers, besides they have a history of over charging for service.
10. Its just a bad buy, and I'm not going to be one of those people who are dumb enough to fall for Apples ploy.

Now dont get me wrong, Apple has some awesome stuff. I love what OS X Leopard looks like, I'm even thinking of finally getting a Mac. I like the iPod, of course I like the Zune too. I just think Apple could've done better on the iPhone, personally I like Windows Mobile better. Thats my opinion and Im stinking to it. The iPhone is not the all you need phone that you think it is.

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