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iPhone Trouble In Paradise

Ok I was up late last night, watching Chris Pirillo's Webcast on Ustream, and decided to watch System.

What did I see? You ask. Well I watched as Dave Randolph took and iPhone and dropped it on the ground and cracked the screen, he cracked the screen, he cracked the freaking screen. Now keep in mind this is a phone that is supposed to be very durable, yeah right!

Also for those who don't know Apple has also mentioned that the battery in the iPhone will only last 300 to 400 charges, but the battery is not replaceable. What?! The battery is not replaceable?! Yes that's right, Apple says the that iPhone users can send there phones back to Apple to replace the battery for a minor fee of $79, not including $6.95 for shipping, that you the consumer are responsible for. The repair will take about 3 days and for those who cant be without there iPhone for the 3 day period, can get a rental iPhone for $29.

Many people are outraged by this, and its funny that Apple's website made no mention of this prior to launch. It is rumored that Apple plans to release another version of the iPhone, similar to the iPod Nano. This release is rumored to be around the last quarter of this year.

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