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DDR3 Ram

First there was DDR, then came DDR2, and now there's DDR3. Yes that's right DDR3 is here, or coming out this year. No I will not be purchasing DDR3 Ram. Why? Hmmm....well it could be because to use DDR3 means I have to upgrade to a new motherboard, which I'm not doing since I just bought this one.

DDR3 is incompatible with DDR2 system boards, because the notch in DDR3 is in a different position than on DDR2 ram sticks. Just like the notch for DDR2 is in a different position than DDR. Go figure.

DDR stand for Dual-Data Rate, while DDR2 is the current module in use, DDR3 promises more speed with less power. Reducing the power consumption by 16%. The modules could transfer data at a clockrate of 800-1600 MHz, whereas DDR2 modules are at a current range of 400-1066 MHz. Over all I think the modules are great, but I'll stick with DDR2 for now, maybe in about a year or 2 I'll consider switching.

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