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Windows "Seven"

Windows "Seven", or Windows "7" is the next version of Windows after Windows Vista. There's not much talk about Windows Seven. Its been called many names up to this point, Blackcomb, Vienna, and now Seven.

Why Seven, well Windows Vista is actually version 6.0 of Windows, so Seven is of course 7.0. Originally Windows Seven was supposed to be a minor release of Windows, but now its been admitted that it will be a major release instead. Many changes are expected with this OS, its schedule for release sometime in 2010.

There's talk of removing the taskbar from the UI and adding some new features, Microsoft doesn't go into to much info with Seven so its hard to say what will make its debut and what will say its goodbyes in Seven.

I am getting used to Vista at the moment, and I'm using Windows XP still on my laptop. I hope Vista's successor in 3 yrs has a better induction than it did lol. We'll just have to see what the future brings.

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