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It Came From Redmond...A Windows Vista Story By Mark Mindez

Back In 2001 Windows XP was released, Microsoft and so many of us consumers were excited. It was great, to finally get rid of Windows Me for us home users, but there was something else going on behind the scenes at Redmond. Something was lurking in a dark corner, a substance, an idea, that would be known as Longhorn! it began over the next few years Longhorn would begin to take shape. The Alpha form of Longhorn was built on Windows XP, however the system was not stable and once to much crap was loaded on it Alpha Longhorn collapsed. Yes it died, or so we thought....

The year was 2003, the Alpha Longhorn had perished, but a new OS had been released. That OS was Windows Server 2003, little did we realize that Longhorn had survived, it was still lurking around and would soon find a host in which it could live. Unexpectedly the beast wrapped its icy black tentacles around Windows Server 2003 and so began the task of rebuild Longhorn using Server 2003 as its base. The OS was a bit of a Frankenstein monster.

After a year had passed Longhorn was now in a type of Beta form. As time would go on it would begin to take on a decent look, a look so alluring, that by the time you realized it, it was too late. Muah ha ha ha ha.

Finally in 2005 Beta 1 of Longhorn was released for testing, here the beast known as Longhorn would begin to show its beastly nature.

"Ok, so I'm exaggerating a little bit here, like you never wanted to make something sound interesting? Ok so where was I, oh ok."

The Beta was not perfect but it was only a sample of what was to come. Later in 2006 Beta 2 came and we saw the shape of Longhorn, which now had a name,

"Well it had a name in beta 1, but still used the Longhorn name. eh..hmm, ok back to our story"

and that name was Vista. Windows Vista was here in its beta 2 state, and now is where I enter the story. I was checking out Windows Vista on Microsoft's website in July of 2006 when I saw the Costumer Preview Program (CPP) sign up for Windows Vista Release Candidate 1, so I signed up. A few weeks later I received the disk and installed them. I was captivated by the OS, it was like looking at heaven....

"Ok that's a load of crap actually I was pissed because my computer was an old Gateway PC with Pentium 3 CPU at 450MHz and 384 MB of RAM. Vista ran like crap, it was slow. So I really didn't get to see the OS in action until like 3 or 4 months later, when I built my current machine. Ok enough out of me....back to the story people."

So in October of 2006 Vista was Released To Manufacturing (RTM), and was released to business in volume licensing in November of 2006, and the consumer product was released on January 30th 2007. Thus the Vista monster has been unleashed on the world...and there's no escaping it..Muah ha ha ha, Muah ha ha ha. Even now it's feasting on your minds, do you feel it.....its watching you waiting for you to let your guard down. You never know when Vista will attack, no body knows when the beast will strike....Muah ha ha ha.

"Wow ok so its not really that awful, I mean like I said I use Vista everyday and I haven't had the problems everyone else has been complaining about. Oh ok here's  a twist for you....."

As Windows Vista stalks its prey, it has no idea its being watched by another idea, an idea that is Windows "Seven". Or Vienna...... To Be Continued.......or is it?

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