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Vista Is An Excuse To Go To OSX....

People keep saying, "Oh Vista sucks, I'm going to OS X!" or, "I'm sick of Windows Vista OS X is so much better." Ok well OS X is better than Windows Vista yes, but people are using Vista as an excuse to move to the Apple OS. I love Apples technology myself, I really want to use OS X Leopard when it comes out in October, Tiger works well I've used it at CompUsa.

However if people are complaining about Windows Vista then don't upgrade, stay with Windows XP. Windows XP has another Service Pack coming in 2008. Windows Vista is a new OS so it has bugs, and it takes time to fix these bugs. I've used Windows since 3.1, and I remember problems with Windows 95, Windows 98, now 98 Second Edition was stable, and I used 98 SE for 3 to 4 years. Windows Me I used back in 2000, it sucked bottom line, even Windows XP sucked in the beginning. However Windows Vista is not like those versions, in which its not built off Windows XP. I'll go into this in another blog, cause its a long story.

Ok how is Vista an excuse to move to OS X? Well a lot of people who have gone to Vista have also then moved to OS X, ok if your not happy with Vista go back to XP, however if you feel you can get more done with OS X then by all means do it. OS X is stable and looks good, it gets the job done. I would like to have a Mac as a secondary machine. I say secondary because my I use Windows Vista Home Premium on my default PC.

Ok, I've ranted long enough and have probably pissed a lot of people off, so I'm out.

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