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Internet Explorer 7

Ok I know I'm not the only person who has had problems with Internet Explorer (IE), IE7 has issues in Windows Vista, but I think it needs some patches; I'm not using IE on my desktop at the moment. I am currently using Firefox, which I think is a lot better than IE, back when I was using Windows 98, I stopped using Internet Explorer because of issues I was having, then I was without a computer for a good while, Probably about a year and a half, lol those were my off years. Then I was involved with Windows Xp and started using IE6 which was much more stable, if you're wondering what I was using during my Windows 98 days it was Netscape, which for me worked real well back then. Then IE7 came finally, now it's already in Windows Vista but has a few issues, in Windows Xp its issues are few, but at the moment it's too much to bear so I have switched to my backup browser Mozilla Firefox.
So many issues and the error reports get sent to Microsoft and yet nothing is done about it. Why oh why do u have a Solution Center if you're not going to use it Microsoft I mean come on! Oh well, I do like Microsoft though, the current issues in Internet Explorer 7 are to be expected, especially since the browser is still relatively new, just like its base Operating System Windows Vista. I will post another blog about Windows Vista and Internet Explorer 7 later.
For now we'll it's better to deal with the issues one at a time. Every new thing has bugs in it, that's what we're seeing with both IE7 and Windows Vista. A minor patch can work wonders on software, I know this from experience. Now I'm satisfied with what I have now and I know that Microsoft in time will get it together. Until then we'll just have to make due with what we have.

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