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My Take On VMware

VMware makes it easy to use multiple OS's on one computer for testing. I could in theory install Windows XP with in Windows Vista using VMware. Which is useful, since there are something's that are incompatible with Vista. I'm a power user there for I like to try all sorts of software and hardware, I am also a Tech Enthusiast, don't ask me why I just am.

VMware is something that I've been dying to use ever since I heard Chris Pirillo mention it. Yeah I know pretty strange, but the idea that's behind VMware is a great one. It does make it easy to try out other Operating Systems, you can use it in Linux to install a version of Windows, then you would be able to use all sorts of Windows app's.

I have to admit, this software is great, the only problem I have is paying for VMware, but other than that its great, some might say its worth paying for. I have to agree, even though I use Microsoft Virtual PC 2007. VMware is good for real IT pros, and power users. I do recommend it.

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