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Windows and I

21 years ago I was born on November 27, 1985, also a friend of mine was born that same month and year, Microsoft Windows.

Over time we both grew but we wouldn't cross paths until 1994, when I started using my first Graphical Operating System, Windows 3.1, it was then that Windows and I met and became good friends, over the next several years I would continue to use Windows 3.1, and then Windows 95.

However Windows 95 and I weren't as close as Windows 98 and I were, I loved Windows 98 its was cool, so much better than 95. But then my friend Windows started doing drugs, the result was Windows Me, that was a sad day for me, my friend was now a shell of the OS it once was.

Then Windows Xp changed it all, my friend had entered rehab, and by SP2 in 2002 had made a full come back.

But now I fear the worst, Windows Vista. This new version of my friend is still buggy, but that should change over time, maybe SP1 will do it, I hope and pray that it does, I would really hate to lose a friend.

"I was bored so I typed this to pass the time, you'll be amazed at what I can come up with when I'm bored."

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