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Windows Vista:Revised, What I Think Now

Ok I know I said I haven't had all the problems that everyone else has had, this is true I haven't. I have had no driver problems, I have had two software problems, Nero 6 which is incompatible with Vista, and a game called Black & White 2. The Nero 6 problem I solved by using Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 and installing Windows Xp, and as for the game I solved that by using compatibility in Vista. So all that is taken care of.

Now I have experienced sudden flashes of my desktop, and an occasional freeze every now and then, but not as annoying as previous versions of Windows, like 95 and Me. I have to agree with Chris Pirillo who feels Vista is still in a late beta form. This is true, there are still a lot of bugs in the system, Microsoft is slow to respond to all the problems we are having, yes they have shipped us Updates and Patches via Windows Update, but we wont see any of the major changes until SP1, and that's not until the first quarter of next year.

We can only hope that SP1 will change a lot about Windows Vista, but its just the long wait. I still don't mind Vista and will continue to use it.

Do I still stand on the side of Vista and support the OS? Yes I do, when all is done Vista will shine, its what follows Vista that scares me, lol. Oh well, we'll just have to wait and see.

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