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There is No Best OS

No Operating System is the best, not Windows, not Linux, and not OS X. They all have there issues, they all have there incompatibilities, and bugs in them. Mac users swear that OS X is perfect especially with the release of Leopard, well I cant really say much about Leopard since I don't own it.

Microsoft Windows has its issues, but Windows has always had problems, one of which would be Windows ME, however Windows XP was great, and Windows Vista builds on that greatness, however at the moment like every new OS Windows has its bugs and glitches, and like I said above no OS is the best and Windows is definitely not the best.

Mac OS X is not the best, for many reasons. OS X is cut off from the rest of the PC market, they isolate themselves from the things that can make them big. In fact that is the main reason as to why many people have not switched to the Mac platform.

Linux is an overall nice OS, however it also shares some problems with compatibility. Like OS X, the Linux OS does not support many Windows app's, which are vital to some of us in everyday life, especially when gaming on the PC.

In the past Operating Systems have come and gone. It is from these failures that we learn from. Many people switched from the Amiga to Windows 3.1 years ago, this was a result of the Amiga system biting the dust, MS-DOS was not a complete failure, however MS-BOB was. Back in the 90's IBM had their OS, OS/2 which today is outdated and all but whipped out, but it goes to show you, all Operating Systems have flaws, some fatal, others just buggy.

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