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Google Earth

I’ve used Microsoft’s Virtual Earth and I found it to be quite outdated on a lot of its visuals. There were places that should have been there but weren’t. I went looking for a house that I know for a fact is in built, and had been sitting there since 2005 and it’s not there. It’s a construction site for where the house is going to be, nice.

So in Google Earth everything is where it’s supposed to be, the locations I’m interested in are there, and there’s no dirt piles around telling me that my location is under construction.

iPhone and iPod Touch app

Google Earth is now also available via the App Store, I’ve used it and its really useful. The only problem I actually have with it is, its to sensitive to the movement of the device. I’m not the only one who has noticed that, my friend told me last night he had to turn that feature off cause it was annoying. Hopefully they can tweak it and make it work like it should. Other than that I think Google Earth on a touch screen device like the iPhone or iPod Touch is perfect, I personally think that touch is a good way to interact with applications like Google Earth.

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