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Post PDC Windows 7, Windows Azure, Microsoft Office Online, and Commentary

So PDC is over, and We now know a little bit more about the next version of Windows. Windows 7 was shown to have many new features, and most of them in the new Taskbar. Windows 7 is Windows Vista done right. From what I’ve seen the new version of Windows has much more functionality than Vista, and is more reliable, no matter how Microsoft tries to cover it up they know they messed up with Vista.

There was talk about Windows Azure, an online version of the Windows operating system which runs on Microsoft’s own servers. The idea is subscription based services, similar to Amazon and Google. Developers will make apps that run on the “Cloud” as it is called. Basically the apps will not be local as in on your computer, but rather in the Cloud. Azure is still in development, but most people have been quick to criticize Microsoft in their decision to move to “Cloud Computing”, but the truth is that's where everything's heading. This doesn’t spell the end of the Windows OS as we know it, but rather corporations could use Windows Azure for bigger projects, and tasks, and store them on Microsoft servers for a small fee. They haven't quite got the pricing down packed yet but I’m sure they will soon.

The other news was about Office. Finally there will be a version of Microsoft office which runs in a browser. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. this was to combat competitors such as Google, and from what I understand Microsoft does it better, the catch? From what I understand you have own a copy of Office in order to use it. That’s the information I’ve gotten so far, I’m not sure if its true or not, but I’m keeping my eyes and ears open on this.

Now to go back to Windows 7, a lot of people are saying that it will be worse than Vista. Well the problem with that is everyone who has used it is saying its much more stable, and that it doesn't feel like an M3 build, but more like a Beta 2 build. It just works, and that is what matters most, this release will kill Vista, and just announcing Windows 7 and its features was enough to put Vista in a coffin. Windows 7 will use far less resources than that of Vista, and will run on low cost PC’s with no frustration on the users expense.

I do see a comeback in the making, people may claim that OS X has it all but to be honest that is not the case. If OS X was perfect they wouldn't need to make upgrades to it. No OS is perfect, no not one. Every OS has a purpose, and works differently. I prefer Windows because it works for me, and runs all my apps flawlessly, but Vista is not perfect. It’s had many problems over the past year or so. Many I’ve corrected by changing a few settings, and running some apps in compatibility mode with Windows Xp SP 2. However over the past three months Vista has stabilized for me, and I’m very impressed. Now I can’t wait to use Windows 7 for the first time, and to really get to know the new Windows Taskbar, which has had a major overhaul.

Some of you may disagree with me, but that's why we have comments. To reflect and give feedback on certain dialogues. Feel free to comment. :)

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