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Has it been two years already?

On November 26th 2008 marked the two year anniversary of my blogs, though most of them from the beginning no longer exist there are still a number of them on my other sites, including my MySpace. My first blog was about the Playstation 3 and its release, and the next was about the Nintendo Wii’s release, however out of the surviving blogs the first out of the ones that remains was about the release of the Xbox 360 Elite. And there were many that followed, I am also happy because my blog count on MySpace has reached 100, but there are many more than that. My first blog on blogger was about Games for Windows.

I am real proud to continue to speak out, not all of my blogs have been on technology. Some have been on politics, and beliefs. Now today I have many more accounts than I did before, and so I have more places to post, I still post on blogger, Windows Live Spaces, MySpace, and now Geeks.

There have been some negative blogs I’ve posted about Windows Vista, and I stand by them because at the time it was unstable, Service Pack 1 hadn’t been installed, and it was a mess, I did a clean install and wow if froze every time I was about to do something, but as the updates started installing it gradually got better, and believe it or not I’m still operating on the same install that gave me problems several months ago. I’m glad to report that since then Vista has been so much more stable.

I will continue to blog, and keep up with all things tech. This is my life, and I love it.

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