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Windows 7 vs. Windows Vista

Ok so for the past few days I’ve been using Windows 7 on my laptop which I’m on right now as I’m typing this. What I like about it is how fast my applications launch, and the fact that everything actually works. Compared to Vista I have to say this is way better.

I recently bought a new 320GB Hard Drive for my desktop, so I backed up my old drive and formatted it using Darik’s Boot & Nuke (DBAN), and set about the task of reinstalling Vista. However I forgot about the headaches of Vista in its pre-SP1 form. The first install was crap, and the updates just caused it to stop working so I reinstalled it again, only this time I made a separate Partition for Windows 7 to be installed. After installing 7 I wanted to test it since Vista runs great on my laptop but runs like crap on my desktop I wanted to make sure that 7 wasn’t the same way.

After several hours I realized that Windows 7 was indeed much more stable than Vista. Vista crashed on me 50 times yesterday and 20 times so far today, but I still haven't got Service Pack 1 installed yet. When I do the number of crashes should minimize to 5 or 6. However Windows 7 never crashed on me, i was shocked, I mean could this OS actually be a savior? It’s nice, I swear if the final product gets screwed up I’m going to be pissed, cause it works.

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