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Edging Closer to the 2nd Digital Decade

The first Digital Decade is coming to a close and the second is about to begin. The phrase Digital Decade refers to the past 10 years that we have been a technology based society. As time goes on our society will become more and more dependant on the technology that is available to it, and over time that technology will evolve changing the world as we know it.

As the second digital decade arrives we'll see breakthroughs in many fields such as medical science, and nano technology. I for one welcome this change but what I do not welcome is the invasion of privacy that comes with it. Many people believe that its a long ways off, but its not, as we enter the Second Digital Decade we will see our privacy just fly into the wind, and we will allow it without knowledge. Through social networks like myspace and facebook, our kids already do it with there social network GaiaOnline.

This will continue to be the trend as time goes on. As for me I am actually looking forward to this second Digital Decade, I know that it comes at a price but you know what as long as I do what I've been doing I have nothing to worry about. I love technology and I expect great things over the next 10 years.

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