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Bashing Windows is not cool

For days now I have sat here watching YouTube and reading blogs that are biased against Windows. Ok first of all like I said before there is no best operating system, it just don't exist. Secondly the people bashing Windows are the Mac fanboys. I am no Microsoft fanboy, I am a simple tech enthusiast, I love what Mac has to offer, and I am getting a few Mac's for my own use, but I would never switch entirely over to the Mac platform.

When I say Windows I mean Windows Vista. On my pc Vista has had its problems, but those are months in the past. Now the system runs beautifully, the only problems I have now come from the fact that my 450-WATT Power Supply isn't enough to power my system anymore. I had screen problems back in November, but that went away in December when I downloaded the latest Nvidia driver for my 7600 GS card.

People bash Windows Vista without having a real reason to hate it. I mean if you were to ask them the response you would get would be "It Sucks!" and to me that's not a real answer. Give me a solid, well educated answer, it sucks ignorant answer. For me the only real issue with Vista right now is the boot speed, it takes to long to boot up. Vista SP1 is supposed to speed it up I'll have to wait to see if it does.

OS X isn't perfect either, now why do I want a Mac if I'm defending Windows? Ah Hah, now there's the trick, the OS is not the reason, its the software for the OS. Windows just doesn't have good video or IRC software, and what little exist isn't free like it is on OS X. So that's the reason, it has nothing to do with Windows Vista, I will continue to use Vista on my default machine.

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