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Microsoft Yahoo!?

Does Microsoft have a chance at acquiring Yahoo, and if so what can we expect from such a merger?

Well from my view point the merger would benefit both companies in a good way. The only problem is Yahoo doesn't use Microsoft based software. What I mean by that is the OS is self Microsoft Windows, they use Linux based systems and we really cant tell what kind of effect the takeover could have on Yahoo. Yes I said takeover, that's exactly what it is.

I am all for the take over of Yahoo by Microsoft, I don't see it as an antitrust issue. Yahoo is falling, and it is inevitable that this is going to happen either by Microsoft or someone else. Google cant do it because of the antitrust issues with it, but I don't see why Microsoft cant. Yahoo has invested in AOL which is a dead company and that isn't going to save them. Time Warner has already stated that they were considering selling AOL, they have already decided to drop AOL from its website. AOL Europe has already been sold. My point is Yahoo cant see the writing on the wall, at least with Microsoft we will still have the Yahoo name.

In other benefits Yahoo search would be beneficial to Microsoft's Live Search, which is a basically dead search engine compared to Yahoo and Google. Who really knows what will happen for users when and if this merger happens. Takeover, Merger, its all the same either way its going to happen some time down the line. I just hope I'm around to see it, meaning I hope it happens in my time.

The funny thing is, whose to say that Microsoft will be here in 10 years, or even 20 years. Companies come and go, and Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, and many others including Apple are no exception. Yahoo and Microsoft have a common enemy, and united they both have a fighting chance.

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