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The end of Netscape

AOL gave the last update for the Netscape Navigator browser Wednesday and has notified users to switch to other browsers such as Firefox or Flock.

I remember using Netscape back in the day when I was a kid, I preferred it to Internet Explorer because I didn't like the way IE worked, of course back then that was IE 5, and that was total garbage to me. I hated Internet Explorer, but any ways, I used Netscape for all my Internet browsing, lol the funny thing is I was using Dial-Up back then so things weren't that good.

While my parents didn't know a thing about the Internet, or how to surf it, I was on line a lot, always checking out the latest news and tools that I could use. Well back then Social sites like Myspace, Facebook, weren't in existence so really there wasn't much to do, I do remember using AIM to chat with my girlfriend, but that's another story.

What I liked about Netscape Navigator was that it was far more advanced than Internet Explorer. It had tabs, it had similar features, but what I liked is that back then I could use POP3 to connect to my e-mail account, and get my mail in Outlook Express. See with Dial-up you only got one e-mail address, and that was my dads, I wanted my own, and I didn't want to get an online email account, I wanted something that's there on my desktop. It was so nice to have that, I felt like a professional.

Its amazing to see that Netscape will fade away, but in the end I kind of knew that it would happen. Slowly but surely AOL itself will fade away, and be nothing but a memory in the back of our minds. I may be 22, but just seeing this reminds me of how old I am, and I cant believe how much has happened in my life time so far, and I know there is still more surprises ahead as technology continues to grow, and change our world.

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