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Mac's Vs. PC's:Why can't we all be friends?

Mac users and PC users are always at each others throats, but why?

Both platforms are good, PC's are real good for gaming, Mac's are real good for work, but you can also have fun on a Mac. Windows runs superb on a Mac, and this is where the confusion and ignorance begins.

Apple is compared to Microsoft, which is not a fair comparison, Apple is no Microsoft. Microsoft is a software company not an OEM, they do not build computers. Apple is more of a Dell, HP, type of company. This is where the differences start, unlike Dell and the others Apple makes its own hardware. This is the secret as to what makes a Mac a Mac.

Dell and HP and the rest build there PC's with random parts, they don't care if the parts work or not. Why should they, it means more for them when you have to call there tech support, but that's beside the point.

Apple on the other hand build there Mac's to be the ultimate PC, and yes I just called a Mac a PC, because that is exactly what it is. Another advantage to Apple making all there hardware is that everything works, the drivers are there, and they work. No third party, just Apple. Another point I will make in another post is that OEM's treat there customers like crap, and use the consumer.

Now here's the point that I'm trying to make, Mac users believe they're better than PC users, and that's just not true. As a matter of fact by thinking that way Mac users prove their ignorance, but PC users get upset with Mac users and think the same thing, and that proves their ignorance. I'm neutral in the argument, but I will say I am a PC user, but I do like the Mac. As a matter of fact my next laptop is more than likely going to be a MacBook Pro.

I like using my PC, and my laptop, but I would like to use another type of system. I have used Linux, and well it's an ok OS for the average user, but I prefer using Windows, and hopefully soon OS X. Which by the way is pronounced (OS 10) well right now is OS 10.5 Leopard. I say that because if you don't say it right the Mac users get all ticked off. Windows users do the same when you pronounce Vista as Viesta. To me its pathetic.

The war between Mac's and PC's is probably going to go on for another decade, or decades. Hopefully somewhere down the road there is a peace between the two communities. At least that's what I'm hoping for, because I know that when I get a Mac I'm going to be looked at differently, and you know what I really don't care. It's my life, and it's my decision, just deal with it. I'm not an Apple fanboy, and I'm not a Microsoft fanboy, I'm a Tech Enthusiast, and a geek at heart!

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