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OEM's are Crap

What's the problem with OEM's like Dell, HP, Gateway, and so many others? The crap they install on their PC's!

Whenever you buy a new computer in a retail store or online the first thing you expect is for the system to work right. Well that would be nice in a fantasy world, but this is reality people. The OEM's load a lot of Demo software, and applications that are not required. To make it worse some of the app's they have installed are considered SpyWare.

I know all this for a fact, in my life I've had at least 3 computers that I got from an OEM. Each one had software that was unnecessary, and yes I know that you can opt out, but that's an excuse. In most cases I usually uninstall the OS and reinstall clean, and the system runs so much faster. The sad thing is people don't understand this, they believe that the OEM is there to help them and care about the consumer. Truth is they don't, all they want is money.

OEM's have been known to sell crappy hardware, and install crappy software that ruins your PC, especially if you don't purchase the protection plan. The reason for this is because you'll have to go to them for your hardware problems on the system you purchased. The community doesn't think that way they think that its all about an Opt In Opt Out thing. I cant agree with that.

I have to say that OEM's have disappointed me, but I'm just trying to get the word out.

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