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Windows Vista a Year Later

It was January 30th 2007 when Windows Vista was released for the consumer market. The hype was in the air, and it was said "The Wow Starts Now!", but the wow wasn't really a wow, it was more of an ugh. The reason? Vista had major problems upon release, compatibility problems, hardware problems, software problems, and even memory problems. Vista was unstable, but in time that would begin to change.

As the year rolled along, complaints were made, and many just said forget it and moved back to Windows Xp. The most famous of these people was non other than Chris Pirillo. He stated that he felt that Vista was still in a beta form even after release. I have included that 50+ minute video of Chris talking bout Windows Vista at the bottom of this blog. If I can find it, I will include the blog post he did that started it all.

However as time went on, many just went to OS X. Now its not Microsoft's fault that Vista didn't deliver. Its the media, and the peoples fault. How? Well, where should I begin?

  1. Microsoft never said Vista was going to be perfect. It was the tech community that started all the hype.
  2. Microsoft was put under pressure because the community was spreading rumors that were not true, and felt they had to try and implement some of the things that were being said, for fear that they might disappoint the community.
  3. Plus the community was not fair in criticizing Windows Vista, they compared it to Windows ME which is no comparison at all.

Now we'll fast forward to the end of 2007. As the complaints went in, the updates were released, patch after patch, update after update, and you know what? Vista started to get better. I know because I have used it since April. I did beta testing for Vista so trust me I know. By December 2007 Windows Vista was pretty stable, and worked like it was supposed to.

Now, its February of 2008, Windows Vista is just over a year old, and let me say it's far better now then it was a year ago, but as it was in the beginning, it's still a memory hog. As I type this blog, Microsoft is already working on the next OS to come after Vista, Windows 7. That's a long ways off though, right now Vista's here and the first Service Pack is on the way.

Chris' blog-Windows Vista: I'm Breaking up with You

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