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Reinstalling Windows Vista

I'm doing exactly what the title says finally. I am actually going to format my hard drive with DBAN (Darik's Boot and Nuke) and reinstall a clean version of Windows Vista. Why am I doing this? Well the main reason is to boost my performance, and to just have a clean install of Vista and not an upgrade from XP.

I have to get some blank DVD's for this because I have to make an ISO copy of Vista after downloading it from the Windows Marketplace Digital Locker. When you purchase Vista over the Marketplace you get a .WIM file, and have to convert it to .ISO in order to make it bootable. So I have to do that using a program called Cdimage.

This is probably going to be an all nighter, so I'll have my coffee ready to go. I am hoping that this reinstall actually helps with a couple of things left over from when Windows XP was installed on it. So wish me luck on this, I'm keeping things posted on my twitter page.

I don't really expect people to care to much, but I don't really care if they do or not. I'm not out to impress anyone, I just do what I do for me and if someone else takes an interest then cool, if they don't then hey whatever.

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