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Windows Vista Problems Part 1

I have never said I didn't have a problem with Windows Vista. I have said that I have had compatibility problems with certain programs, but have fixed them with checking them to compatible with Windows XP.

Windows Compatiblilty There are some things for me that are still not compatible, but have abandoned those programs. Nero 7 is an example of one of those programs. The thing is I never said it was perfect, I have said that it has flaws, as does every new OS. Windows Vista was dealt a raw deal, and now we'll just have to see what Service Pack 1 does, or we'll have to wait to see what exactly Windows 7 will bring to us.

My hopes are that when Windows 7 appears in public beta that Microsoft actually listens to the people. That's one of the mistakes that were made in Vista. And now we are starting to see what exactly Windows Vista's problem is. I have 158 page document of Microsoft emails on Windows Vista, but I cant disclose the document. I will post the link to the page for all this in a later post.

Here is some news, it has been stated by Microsoft that Windows 7 will be coming out earlier than expected. The release of Windows 7 is in 2009, but I'm wondering if they can pull it off. We were told Windows Vista was going to be out in 2003, but Vista launched in 2007. Vista Probs Another issue that is starting to become more frequent is when installing updates the system stops responding. Right now there is an update waiting to be installed, but can't because of this problem. Eventually I will reinstall Windows Vista as a full install and not an upgrade.

I have also had some other problems with certain software in Vista. The reason why I'm saying all this is to show people that I'm not a Microsoft crone, I'm a Vista Probs 2user, a power user but a user still. I use the computer for everything I do. Vista does work, but it needs serious improvement. And I don't think that one Service Pack will fix Vista, if your happy with Vista then good, but other people are still having problems, my problems with Vista are  minor to me, compared to problems I have run into with Windows 95 and ME. Chris Pirillo has had many issues with Vista, it all depends on the type of user you are.

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