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Windows Vista Problems Part 2

After formatting my hard drive the other day, and reinstalling Windows Vista I couldn't help but notice that the system ran differently. It ran faster than it did before, but this was due to the fact that it was a clean install and not an upgrade. There was something else as well it was more unstable, which is just what I wanted to see. It would seem that Vista Ultimate is unstable, Vista Home Premium is much more stable than Ultimate. I find that to be kind of ironic.

In the year 2000 the home users had the unstable version of Windows, while the business' had the stable OS. Of course I'm talking about Windows ME, and Windows 2000 Professional. Even in Windows XP, XP Home Edition isn't as stable as XP Professional. Now with Vista it would seem that Home Basic, and Home Premium are stable, and Business, and Ultimate are not. My the irony of it all, it's as if Vista has everything backwards.

Windows Vista Home Premium runs smooth on my computer, and is pretty stable. However Windows Vista Ultimate runs like garbage, it crashes for almost everything you do. And the Ultimate Extras are junk, it makes you wonder what they were smoking when they made this OS.

Well its not all bad, after installing a few updates the system became much more stable. However there is still the lockup problems every now and then. I can now see why Microsoft is in a hurry to release Windows 7 in 2009, LOL. Oh well I can stomach Vista in the mean time.

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