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Live Mesh

So I know this is old news by now, and since people have told me to go back to just tech blogging, I'm just going to go with the flow. Those viewing this on Myspace to see all the figures go to my Personal Blog page.

Microsoft is developing a cloud computing platform that will make it possible to sync your mobile phone, Mac, or PC all together. It's called Live Mesh, currently I've been using it for testing, however only the PC client is available, and to me that's just a little shallow. The Mac client, and Mobile Phone client are coming soon, how soon I don't know its Microsoft.

All of this is in response to the massive amount of attention going into cloud computing.

What is cloud computing?- Cloud computing is basically storing information on an Internet Server like, Live Mesh, Mobile me, and Windows Live Sky Drive.

It essentially means that all your data is accessible from anywhere, whether your at work, vacation, or home. I'm giving Live Mesh a chance, however I am debating because Apples Mobile me which use to be .Mac, looks appealing, especially since I'm planning on getting the iPhone, but like I said I'm giving Microsoft a chance to do something right. I have something to say about that but that will come later on in another post. Right now I'm focused on Live Mesh.

Live Mesh Tech Preview

Now to the left is the Live mesh logo, you notice that instead of Windows Live Mesh, it's just Live Mesh. Many people believe that as this becomes more and more developed that it will replace the Windows Operating System, however there is no proof in that.

Now there are many nice features to Live Mesh, however I'm not really feeling the UI, it seems to plain. I know its still a kind of beta, but come on. Oh well I guess I can't really complain.

 Live Mesh the Taskbar Icon

Now Live Mesh shows up on the taskbar, it's the blue sphere there on the Taskbar. That actually is ok, well of course duh.

Live Mesh Devices Window

The devices window is not a bad UI, it looks rather interesting. However the lack of mobile, and the Mac, it's pretty much useless.

Well other than that there's not really much to say. The way it's set up is you have the Live Desktop, and then all your devices are in that circle. Right now I have both my laptop and my desktop connected. You can connect to the computers on Live Mesh through a very familiar Remote Desktop, however do to my Internet connection, it's kind of jumpy. So everything just runs really slow, and like I said it's just my Internet connection.

Also with Live Mesh there is an Online Desktop called, (Live Desktop). What is it? Well its a desktop only online. You can create folders, and simply upload the files you want to add to these folders. I tried drag and drop, but from what I understand that will come later. That would make it so much easier to upload all the files I want to upload.  Live Mesh Window

I made two folders, and I went with the live theme by calling them Live Documents, and Live Downloads. I can create more folders to.

With the tech preview, you get a little over 5GB's of storage. I hope that actually increases. That is just not enough storage. Now the case with the UI is, to me it looks a little to plain, like its missing something. Oh well I'm sure whatever it is it will get fixed. These folders on the Live Desktop, also appear on the Windows Desktop, that way they sync with your computer.

I'm not to crazy about the way it functions, I just hope as time goes on it starts to look a hole lot better.

I love the concept of what Live Mesh is doing, but I have a feeling that the iPhone will be incompatible with Live Mesh. And that could really be a problem, plus I also think that MobileMe will out do Live Mesh. All this is going on and we still have to wait to see Windows 7. Well that's all I can say right now about Live Mesh


Live Mesh Windows Icons

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