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Google Chrome

Chrome So lately, well more like Tuesday I heard about Google Chrome for the fist time. Yeah I know, being the techie I am I should've known about it already, by this point at least. Well apparently I was in la la land and wasn't paying much attention to the tech world, lol no it was the Democratic National Convention, and the Republican National Convention that was keeping me busy.

Anyway's, so last night September 4th 2008 I downloaded Chrome, and let me say I was impressed with its speed over Internet Explorer 7. I love the way that all my most visited websites show up in the window and they're just a click away. The ease of access, that is what a web browser should be like. Flash runs smoothly for me, however Java applets have no compatibility with Chrome. I was checking the National Hurricane Center's website for satellite loops of Hurricane Ike, and it wouldn't load.

That's just a minor glitch, overall the browser works great, I've actually been using it all day. Why is that a big deal? Well because I am a person of habit, I've used Internet Explorer since it's IE 6 upgrade and haven't been disappointed. I was using Netscape Navigator before that, because IE 4 and 5 just weren't doing it for me. So using something other than IE is really different. I've used FireFox, though not the new FireFox 3, and Apples Safari which to me seems like it would run smoother on OS X, but none of them really compare to how Google Chrome function. Now that's not to say I am definitely switching to Chrome, Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 is in beta 2 form and I downloaded that last night also, so I'll be comparing and seeing which I prefer. Something I wont do in this post because its titled Google Chrome.

 Google Chrome 2

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