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I Switched to Firefox

Yes, I finally switched to Firefox 3, after being told that I should give it a shot. Well, I actually love it, I cant believe I'm actually saying that.

I usually don't like Firefox, and there's a reason, but it's really a stupid reason. I just didn't like the interface in Firefox, or Firefox 2. However Firefox 3 takes the cake, the interface is nice, I love it. And yes I know you can get new themes for Firefox, I'm not a noob. I just didn't like the themes for it in the other versions. In Firefox 3 I'm using and OS integration theme, it's called Aero Fox. It's very nice and suits me. I'm happy to be away from the buggy Internet Explorer, which by the way I really can't say anything good about the beta 2 for IE 8. So yeah, I think I'll leave it at that.

How long will I stay with Firefox? Well that's kind of hard to say, I'm using it now, but I have plans to move to Chrome. What's keeping me from going to Chrome now? Well it still doesn't have support for Java applets, and I browse sites that use them. When that is no longer the case and everything works, well then I'm moving to Chrome. What an awesome browser.

 Firefox 3

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