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Internet Explorer 8

Internet Explorer is in beta 2 form, and so far I like what I see. It's right on par with Google Chrome, and that's a good thing. Internet Explorer (IE) has had a nice feature on it that lets me save my passwords on sites I use; Google Chrome does this to, but on my Gaia account Chrome doesn't save the password. And yes I have a Gaia account.

Webpages load easier, and searching has never been better. More compatibility than Google Chrome has, and is much more stable than it's future predecessor IE 7. I love the improvements, and am glad that IE 8 will be able to stand up to Google Chrome. I'm not a Microsoft fan boy, nor am I a Google fanboy, it's just you can see the difference. However I will say this, once Google Chrome is finalized; it will over take IE unless Microsoft really steps it up.

The over all user interface is the same, it still uses the tab feature, and the search box is still in the same spot. There is some changes to the interface, but the one feature that I wish would be added is, to be able to drag a tab out of the window and it opens into a new window. Google Chrome has that feature.

 IE 8(2)







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