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Blogging Effect


Do you subscribe to any blogs? If so which blogs do you subscribe to, and what are they mostly about?

For instance you might subscribe to a blog because you agree with the persons perspective, or political views. You might find a persons blog to be educational, or comical. I for instance subscribe to mostly tech and science blogs because I am into technology, and do consider myself a bit of a scientist.

Some blogs that I have subscribed to for example deal with electronics, gaming, how to, and many more. If a person has something interesting to say they have my attention, and I know some of the things I post aren’t exactly what you would call perfect. However I type it up while it’s in my head, otherwise I will forget and the moment will pass. To get back on subject here, blogs I’m subscribed to include; Chris Pirillo, IRGRL, Martin Sargent, SuperSite Blog, blog post from Geeks, and Sarah Lane.

There were many more, but when I changed accounts I lost many of them and will have to build my collection back up again. Blogging is really senseless unless you actually have something to talk about. I can usually come up with a topic and blog about it, but there are times when I suffer writers block.

Now Blog basically means Weblog, and so we also have Vlog or Video log. I have started making some videos for YouTube, but I’m still trying to get them to show and reflect me, lol this is only because I haven’t gotten used to the camera. I’m very shy, lol. With that I close, and will be posting again very soon, hopefully with more videos to accompany my blogs.

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