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Which DVR Do You Use to Record TV Shows?


What do you use to record your favorite TV shows? TiVo, Comcast DVR, Windows Media Center?

This is a cool time to be in, I remember when I was a kid and had to record my favorite shows to VHS and would have to hope there was a enough tape. However these tapes would degrade over time, and when DVD’s came out there still was no real way to record and digitize unless you wanted to spend a lot of money.

Now we have things like TiVo, Windows Media Center, Comcast DVR, and etc. I used WMC to record my favorite shows, and it worked out pretty well until my TV Tuner got fried. (That’s another story for another time.) It was nice to have the shows as a digital copy, but it does take up hard drive space. I would like to set it up again, however I feel it would probably be easier if I just used my a Comcast DVR since I’m already a digital customer.

I have never used TiVo before and so can’t really say anything positive or negative about it. If you have please leave you’re comments, I am interested in hearing you’re experience with TiVo or any other digital video recorder.

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