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Week of Stress

What a hectic week I’ve had, between getting ready for my dad’s visit and dodging some of the drama from my family it’s been a pain. My family on one side I try no to talk about because they are not what I would call moral. I love them but some of them I really am distancing myself from. Other than that my brothers are cool, and I love my sister.

It was nice to see my dad, and hang out with him and my mom. We were everywhere while he was here, Tomball, Katy, Houston, and of course Pasadena. Katy the best by the way, I was out there with my mom and my birth mother. When I was home during that week, I was either cleaning up, or relaxing. I am happy that things will be getting back to normal. Especially with Halloween just a few days away.

Speaking of which, I haven’t decided what I’m going to be this year. My sister is trying to talk me into going Trick or Treating, I’m sort of thinking no on that one. The week is about to start anew and I’m really happy about that. Monday is technically here since it’s 1:38 AM at the time I’m typing this up.

Well that’s everything that has taken place in the past week, and now I’m hoping that this week is better.

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