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TweetDeck v0.30.5


I like many other Geeks, am on multiple social sites. Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, and FriendFeed are just a few examples of this. I previously that I use to ping my status to all my social sites, however I recently changed this when TweetDeck v0.30.5 was released. It added support for Myspace and it’s moods. To be honest I prefer this do to the fact that now I don’t have to keep logging into’s website.

I guess you could say that I find this version of TweetDeck to be much more convenient, although last week v0.31.2 rolled out which added better notifications. Which I will also be discussing in a later post, that is if another version doesn’t ship out in the next week or so. This application is still in a beta state, the numbers are still 0.xx.x, once we see 1.00.0 its a complete app. Even though it’s not finished TweetDeck is fully usable and has come good offerings.

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