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What’s Your Favorite Type of Music?


Music can be an important part of someone’s life, it can even set moods. For me I’m more open minded when it comes to music. I listen to variety instead of just one Genre. I used to listen to hip hop and R&B but now I listen to alternative, metal, new age, stuff like that. My favorite group now a days is Paramore, and I love the gothic sounds of Nox Arcana, Dark Sanctuary, Dargaard, and many more.

I have a lot of imagination, and when these songs play I get lost in my own little world. Especially when I listen to ambience, that’s when I feel like I’m in a movie or something. I listen to movie scores, now when I listen to hip hop the beat has to sound good, if it doesn’t I’m not into the song. I have a good ear for good music and many people have told me that my music rocks. While others have stated that it’s sort of scary lol. My sister told me my profile music on my Myspace page is creepy, so there’s no pleasing everyone.

What kind of music do you listen to, maybe you listen to a variety, or maybe you don’t. Please share if you can, why is it your favorite?

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