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Games and Consoles


Which game system do you prefer to game on, Xbox 360, the Wii, or the PlayStation 3? Maybe you’re not a console person, maybe you’re a PC gamer?

I have many games laying around here, and most of which are for my outdated PS2. I do have a few games for the 360, I have none for PS3 because I do not own one, nor do I own a Wii. I do have a few games for my PC though, and I do play them regularly. It’s usually a choice between Halo 2 and GTA IV, and Halo usually wins out. I do love my games and enjoy playing them when I can.

My 360 had red ring problems, I got it fixed, but now it has no Video so I just said screw it. I’m going to buy a new 360 in a few months to replace it, so for now I only have my PS2 and my PC. My favorite type of games are First person shooters (FPS), which is funny because I used to hate them cause I thought I sucked at them, until I played Halo 3.

What kind of games do you  like to play, if any that is, and what are some of your favs? Feel free to comment, or just pass it up. :)

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