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Arrange, Rearrange, Rearrange

There are times when I get tired of looking at things the way they are, and what I mean by that is the way my surroundings are setup. I think I get this from my mom, she would rearrange the living room and her bedroom whenever she got bored with it. Which would be like every couple of months, and I used to hate it because I would get used to it and BAM she’d change it up again.

Now today I find myself doing the same thing my mom used to do when I was young. I can’t keep my place one way for too long, it will drive me nuts lol. I need space, and I try my best to arrange my place to give me the space I require to work. To set everything up the way I need it to be, and when that gets old and I need something better, guess what happens? That’s right I move it around again. Now I was up all night moving this place around, I finally opened it up so that I don’t feel so squeezed in here. I am actually happy with what I see now, but I’m still not done.

I had plans to do a lot here, but things changed and I’m heading further out west here towards Katy. This happens sometime next year, but I am so happy for that. For now I will do my best to get this place into shape for what I need it for.

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