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Pocket God


Pocket God is actually an ok game to play when you’re bored. Basically you’re a God like being to Pygmies. You can strike them with lighting, throw them in the Volcano, or feed them to a shark. There are many ways to handle these little guys, and you know what they are some little troopers. No matter how bad it is they always come back for more.

The application is updated on a regular basis, each update brings something new, and a hint is in the Episode title. The most recent updated added a new monster, and added some new battle achievements. There are currently three islands to choose from, and there are many ways to score big points by picking on your little Pygmies.

There is a menu bar you can access by tapping the arrow in the upper left hand corner. From there you can access the other islands, and features. There are customization packs available also, which can be accessed from the menu bar.

Pocket God is $0.99 in the iTunes App Store

Pocket God

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