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Video Game Music (VGM)


For many people it isn’t just the game, it’s the music that powers the game. Yes that’s right VGM, I listen to it most of the time. Games like Sonic the Hedgehog, and Super Mario Bros., all great games, with great sounds. There are times I will just listen to them in all there 8 and 16-bit goodness. Of course there are also remixes all over the internet which I listen to.

In fact I uploaded a few of them to my profile on Geeks, which also updates the player on my Myspace page. Mostly the themes are from Sonic 1, 2, and 3. While listening to the Sonic themes, I get tempted to play my sonic games on my Playstation 2, though I miss having a Sega Genesis. Those were the days I remember, and one of the games I played that had an awesome soundtrack was Donkey Kong Country. DKC and it’s sequels had some pretty nice soundtracks, and the game play was great.

How do you feel about the music in you’re favorite games? Do you enjoy it, feel the music taking over in the game as you play? lol Or do you just turn it off like my mom used to when she played Dr. Mario, and Tetris?

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