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What is your favorite movie or movies?


We all have favorites in different subjects, and that means we all have at least one favorite movie. I have more than one of course, starting with The Nightmare Before Christmas. I remember this movie when I was just a kid, and I still watch it today. Just as into it now as I was so many years ago. Twilight is another favorite, I read the books, so I’m a fan of the movies as well. I have a soft spot  when it comes to romance, and Twilight really hits the spot.

These are but just two movies, I recently watched WALL-E which was a very cute movie. I really liked it, and have to put it with my favorites.

What are you’re movie favorites? Are they scary, funny, or action packed? I really enjoy movies that have it all, Star Trek is one that I forgot is up on my list of favorites. Hope to hear back from you as you share some of you’re favorites.

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