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Follow Friday on The Way Out?

For a while now Follow Friday has been a good way for people to recommend great people to follow on twitter. As a geek I use twitter for sharing information, and interest. One of the people I follow made the statement to me that “more followers isn’t better, better followers is more”. What I mean by better followers is that none of this spam crap, not someone who spews out senseless nonsense. I’ve used Follow Friday since June I believe, but with the introduction of Twitter Lists Follow Friday could be dead.

The reasons for this, anyone can just make a lists called recommended follows, and be done with it. I myself will continue to use Follow Friday until the end of November, which I tweeted last week. I haven’t had the chance to make any Twitter Lists, but do plan on making some this week. I believe the limit is 20 lists per account.

In my opinion Twitter Lists make Follow Friday obsolete, and a thing of the past. For those who use twitter feel free to follow me @tecnicle, or


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