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How to Turn off UAC in Windows Vista – The Easy Way


UAC was introduced in Windows Vista, and has proven to be a bit of an annoyance to some users. Prompting many to turn the feature off, which is very easy to do. Though I personally don’t recommend it. The best way would be to click on the Start orb, click the User picture, this takes you to user accounts, click turn UAC on or off, you will be prompted if UAC is turned on. Click continue, and deselect, click ok, and you will be asked to restart now, or later.

When you turn off UAC there is a notification that pops up, and will continue to pop up, just right click the notification area and click customize notification icons, from here you can hide the icon from showing up.

UAC was put into Windows for a reason, and though it can be annoying, it does become less noticeable over time. I prefer to keep it running now, though I am a power user I absolutely cannot take any risk on my primary PC. I had to reinstall Windows a couple of months ago because I something went wrong with my computer, and if UAC had been on nothing would have went wrong. Recently some programs tried running without my permission, and were stopped by UAC.

Turning off UAC is  your choice, and is a risk, but if it’s a risk you’re willing to take go for it.

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