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Kindle App

Kindle is an application on the iPhone and iPod Touch, and it’s from Amazon. Ok so basically what this app does is allow you read eBooks you purchased from Amazon makes the Kindle eBook reader, but with this app you can just use you’re iPod Touch, or iPhone as an eBook reader. When I read I usually use the Kindle app for my book collection. I read the Twilight series that way and plan on reading more as soon as I get a chance.

For me the Kindle app is great, and I really would like to get a Kindle soon. See for me I find that I can read a book a lot quicker using an eBook reader. For me traditional books have small print, and the paper doesn’t help. With an eBook reader the letters and words they form stand out, and I can read them a whole lot better.

The app allows you to read in portrait, or landscape mode, you can sync you’re book marks with a Kindle, if you own one of course which Amazon has dubbed Whispersync. To download a book you need to be connected to Wifi, or At&t’s 3g service.

The Kindle app is free in the iTunes App Store. I do recommend this application for people who love to read.

Kindle for iPhone

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