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Word of the Day Announcement


After much thought I’ve decided that I would start doing a segment called “Word of the Day”. Basically I will read a word, it’s definition, and how to use it in a sentence. I was sitting on the computer the other day and thought to myself, “How can I add some worth to my site, and the YouTube channel?” that’s when a thought of my sister who has a hard time with words came into my mind. I figure I find random words, and since there is an endless supply of words, I have an endless supply of material for videos.

Now I’m not sure how this will go, but the first video will go up Sunday night or early Monday morning, by afternoon it would have been tweeted and on posted right here on the blog. I think it’s a good way to share information that is educational, and it sort of fulfills my childhood wish. Which was to be a teacher, so this I am actually happy about that. I’m hoping my sister catches on, she's too old to be having these problems with grammar. At least eventually I can play these videos when I have kids and they can learn as well.

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